NEW ISSUE OF MARGINALIA: Vol. 17 -- Volume XVII, November 2013

Welcome -- This website has been created by graduate students of medieval English literature at the University of Cambridge. Although much of the material and resources presented on these pages is directed towards the study of the literature of the Middle Ages, we intend that this site will evolve into both a useful collection of resources and also a point of contact for medievalists both at Cambridge and around the world who are engaged in the study of medieval English literature, history, culture, and thought.

Out of the Margins: New Ideas on the Boundaries of Medieval Studies

The 'Out of the Margins' conference has now finished. Over fifty speakers and delegates attended the conference on the 19th and 20th of September 2014 at the English Faculty, West Road, Cambridge. The conference dinner was held on the evening of Saturday 20th September in 'Michaelhouse', a converted medieval church in the centre of Cambridge. A report on the conference and the dinner will appear in the future.

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